CH-2 Firmware Updates

Version 2.00b.10 (beta 10 release)
  • Added a "Home Screen" option to the user edit screen. This is the screen the user will see after logging in. This overrides the home screen of any groups the user belongs to.
  • Added "DefaultFlash" and "DefaultHTML5" commands that can be used in the "Server Functions" | "Enter Code" section of the system settings. It changes the default UI of the unit. ...8651:/goFlash or ...8651:/goHTML5 may still be used regardless of the default UI.
  • Modified the image and animation gadgets to be usable without points attached.
  • Misc. bug and compatibility fixes.
Important Note! The zip file below must be unzipped before uploading it to the CH-2 unit.

While in beta, the file inside the zip must also be renamed to ".Firmware" instead of ".OS-Update".


To update a CH-2 unit:

1) Download the above zip file to your hard drive.
2) Unzip the file to your desktop or any folder on your hard drive.
3) Rename the file that was inside the zip, replacing ".OS-Update" with ".Firmware" (CatNet.CH2.2.00b.10.Firmware).
4) Log in to the CH-2 unit as admin.
5) Select "Firmware Update" from the "Server Functions" menu.
6) Browse for the update file on your computer and then click "Upload".

*** Be sure not to disturb the upload or click upload more than once. ***

7) When it says it is successful, select "Reboot Server" from the "Server Functions" menu.

It can take several minutes to apply the update and restart the unit. It should now show the new version number in the login screen.

Revision History

Version 2.00b.9 (beta 9 release)
  • Misc. bug and compatibility fixes.
Version 2.00b.8 (beta 8 release)
  • Help files added.
  • Misc. bug and compatibility fixes.